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An Unexpected Ally
Novella by Sophia Kouidou-Giles

Anticipated October 2023
Ανθολογία για τον Χρόνο


Εννέα διηγήματα από τον τέταρτο διεθνή διαγωνισμό διηγήματος του eyelands


Θέμα: Χρόνος 


Συγγραφείς από τις ΗΠΑ, Αγγλία, Λιθουανία, Ελλάδα και Κύπρο, γράφουν με θέμα τον Χρόνο. Συμπεριλαμβάνονται τα έξη βραβευμένα διηγήματα.

Circe Inspiration with Artist Karen Farnsworth

About Artist Karen Farnsworth

I have dabbled in various arts in the past few years.  I have done building with clay and with found objects, and a bit of drawing.  I have Covid to thank for my recent foray into watercolor.  Subjects I enjoy painting are flowers, houses, dogs and other animals, children, and an occasional landscape.  I have learned what I know about watercolor from online tutorials. I would like to take an in-person class but Covid, you know ….

When I was around 12 I went on my first back packing trip in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho  and that sparked my concern about the environment.  I started Boise Recycling Center. I have lived as a ‘granola’ protesting wars and mines and pipelines and more wars. I belong to coops, kayak, listen to Joan Baez, garden at the local p-patch, have chickens and a dog and make kombucha.  My roof is covered with solar panels and the yard planted with natives. 

I went away from Idaho to school at New College in Sarasota Florida and got a degree in liberal arts. The education was not vocational so I returned to University of Idaho for pre-veterinary study and then WSU for Veterinary school. I practiced veterinary medicine, mainly with dogs and cats, for 30 years.   I am also interested in archeology anthropology and evolution. And art of course. I like audiobooks. Recently I listened to Monkey King by Wu Cheng’en; it is so fun! 

The places I love best are in the mountains of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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